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  • John A. Davis (Presidente)

    Sarti Prof. Roland (Membro)

    Kertzer Professor David (Membro)

    Grew Prof. Raymond (Membro)

    Glueckert Rev. Leo (Membro)

    Gabaccia Professor Donna (Membro)

    Choate Dr. Mark (Membro)

    Carrafiello Dr. Susan (Membro)

    Reinerman Prof. Alan J. (Membro)

    Pellegrino Prof. Nazzaro (Altro)

    Patrucco Armand (Altro)

    Malandrucco Dr. Gregory (Altro)

    Ronald S. Cunsolo (Altro)

    Society for italian historical studies (Altro)

In evidenza
  • 07/12/2005, British Academy - London

    Giuseppe Mazzini and the Globalization of Democratic Nationalism 1805-2005. This conference aims to cast new light, on Mazzini’s wider historical relevance by adopting a strongly comparative and interdisciplinary approach. Scholars working on different aspects of nationalism and democracy in various parts of the world will together explore the synergies activated by one of the most charismatic figures in modern European history.