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SOCIETY FOR ITALIAN HISTORICAL STUDEES. - Diamo il verbale deirAssem-blea annuale della Società.
The Business Meeting of the Society for Italian Historical Studies was called to order at 5:00 pm, December 29, 1978, in the Teakwood Room of the San Francisco Hilton Hotel. About thirty-five members were present.
Professor William M. Bowsky read his report, describing the progress made by the Society in the past year, his hopes for its contìnued expansion, and the good relations existing with other historical organications.
The Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Alan J. Reinerman, then made his report. The Society ended 1978 with 245 members, the largest figure so far. As part of our contìnuing effort to attract new members, the Society once again took part in the Exhibit-Reception for affiliated societies organized by the AHA on December 28, 1978. Of current members, 136 joined by paying dues, 79 by subscribing to an Italian journal, and 16 voluntarily both paid dues and subscribed to a journal. Italian journals seem to be reaching subscribers with reasonable regularity, and fewer complaints bave been received on this score than in the past.
On Decembre 28, 1978, the Executive Secretary attended a meeting called by Mack Thompson of the AHA to discuss certain new rules proposed by the AHA for its affiliated societies. Two of these caused us some concern: a proposai that the AHA levy an affiliation fee upon affiliated societies, and a proposai that a certain percentage of members of the societies must belong to the AHA. There had also been hints that the AHA planned to revive its proposai of some years ago, that affiliated societies be allowed to hold academic sessions at only one of each two or three annual meetìngs, At the meeting on December 28, the representatives of the affiliated societies expressed concern on ali these points. After a lengthy discussion, the representatives of the AHA decided to withdraw their proposals for further consideration; they also denied any intention of restricting the affiliated societies to one session every second or third meeting. This outcome seems highly satisfactory for our Society, as for the affiliated societies in general.
As of December 20, 1978, the funds of the Society were as follows:
N.O.W. Account (Checking-Savings account): 8118.52
Marraro Bequest: 5224.41
Since the Chairman of the Award and Citation Committee, Alan Cassels, was unable to attend the meeting due to the sudden death of his father, Alan J. Reinerman gave his report. The Award for the best unpublished manuscript by a younger scholar was given to Samuel K. Cohn for his dissertation, Community and Conflict in the Renaissance: Florence, 1340*1530 . An Honorable Mention was also awarded to Tracy H. Koon for her dissertation, e Believe, Obey, Fight: The Politicai Socialization of Youth in Fascist Italy . The Citation to a senior scholar was made to Eric Cochrane.
Raymond Grew next presented the report of the Marraro Prize Committee. The SIHS Marraro Prize for 1978 was given to Anne Jacobson Schutte, for her hook Pier Paolo Vergerlo: The Making of on Italian Reformer (Iibrairie Droz, 1977).
The Chairman of the Nominating Committee, R. John Rath, nominated Emiliana Noether to the Advisory Council, replacing Philip V. Cannistraro whose terni has expired. There were no nominations from the floor, and Emiliana Noether was elected imam mously.
The Business Meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m. It was followed by the Social Hour, until 7:30 p.ra. .